Vellanki Foods

Our Story

In 1989, we realised that times were changing. With mothers beginning to work outside the home, it was increasingly difficult to invest the time and effort needed to prepare pickles and powders for the family. Home-made pickles were disappearing from the typical Telugu home.

4pm Nibbles

4pm? Time for evening chai – and a delicious namkeen to go with it! Try our traditional South Indian snacks. Whether you’re relaxing in solitude on your balcony, enjoying the rain, or hosting a large and boisterous evening get-together, make sure you’re stocked up on your favourite snacks, like our traditional Telugu-style namkeen, such as vampoosa, muruku, chegodi and Telangana chekkalu. These light snacks are protein rich and utterly delicious, especially with a cup of strong tea or coffee!

If you’re looking for a more filling snack, try our old-style railway onion samosa. This is one of our specialities and a universal crowd pleaser! We offer a wide variety of exclusive retro snacks that come from a simpler time. These old-school snacks include tepala chekkalu, moong dal muruku and of course, the railway onion samosa.

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