Andhra Avakaya Pickle (Mango)

Rs. 120.00

If the mango is the king of fruits, then the mango avakaya pickle is the reigning king of Indian pickles! Even in the sweltering heat of the Hyderabadi summers, Andhra avakaya pickle-making is one thing that Telugu families have always loved doing together. And if you don’t have the time to make the pickle together today, just buy a bottle of avakaya pickle from Vellanki Foods and relish it with your family and some piping hot rice!

IngredientsMangoes, Garlic, Fenugreek powder, Mustard powder, Salt, Chilli powder, Groundnut Oil, Turmeric

Shelf Life: 3 Months

USA Shipping: Yes

Customer Reviews

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Sailaja Govindaraju
Andhra Avakaya Pickle (Mango) - OK

the pickle was not fresh. it lacked the usual freshness that i used to find in your pickles

Suman Ambati
Avakaya pickle

It taste excellent .. always love your Andhra avakaya pickle.. pls make it available on amazon . Only avakaya pickle.. so we can order more and eat it .. not in combo pack ..

Sreelatha Srivillibhuthur

In the beginning it was very tasty just like Home made but as you got name and fame your quality and taste have become very poor

sai nadh

Good one , nice village taste

George Madan
“Excellent Quality, Excellent Cleanliness!”

Best in town for Pickles & Powders, Really Fabulous!!! Tried your few sweets & savouries was excellent …. Pls maintain the same for future and all the best …👍🏻