Our Story

ESTD 1989

Do you remember the taste of pickles from Grandma’s kitchen? Do you remember the excitement you felt when she made that special sweet just for you?

25 Years & Counting

For over 25 plus years, Vellanki Foods has pursued a single goal – to bring back our grandmothers’ recipes and introduce them to a new generation.

In 1989, we realised that times were changing. With mothers beginning to work outside the home, it was increasingly difficult to invest the time and effort needed to prepare pickles and powders for the family. Home-made pickles were disappearing from the typical Telugu home.

Beginning in a small way in Hyderabad, Vellanki Foods set out to bring our ancestors’ pachadis and podis back to life. We started selling these traditional condiments to our patrons, helping them enjoy the spice that brings Telugu meals alive—without needing to prepare the intricate, time-consuming items themselves!

As we grew, we began to expand our menu. By 2000, we were offering traditional Indian mithai and namkeen as well. We’re especially known for our traditional South Indian sweets such as pootharekulu, bobbatlu, gavvalu and ariselu.

From the farm to the plate, from India to the world.

Quality, authenticity, transparency and honesty are our watchwords. Our own farms provide a number of the ingredients we use, including rice, gongura, tomatoes, and more. This helps us control the quality of our products, right from the ingredient selection process.

Today, our loyal clientele is spread across the world, thanks to food that’s artisanally produced with carefully chosen raw materials and rigorously followed traditional cooking techniques. We ensure that the food on your plate is always fresh, hygienic, and of the best quality. Just like from Grandma’s kitchen!

Our international presence is grounded in strong traditional values. With more than 60% of our workforce being women, and spearheaded by women leadership, we’re proud to say that our company is able to empower women, both in the workplace and at home. 

From the date of our inception, Vellanki Foods has striven to produce the most delectable snacks, sweets and savouries. Come to us for great quality and homely flavours. Come to us for a taste of home.