Vellulli Karam - Garlic

Rs. 150.00

Have you ever stood by the stove, just taking in the aroma of whole garlic frying in your pan? If yes, you will fall head over heels in love with our mouth-watering Vellulli Karam! When stored in a moisture-free airtight container, the coarse powder stays fresh and delicious for over three months. No meal remains the same once it comes in contact with our Vellulli Karam! If you feel that your idlis are too bland, sprinkle a bit of Vellulli Karam on them and watch them instantly transform in front of your eyes. Don’t be surprised if you or your family members gobble up more than your usual share at the breakfast table!

Ingredients: Garlic, Curry leaves, Coriander seeds, Black gram( Urad dal), Bengal gram, Red chilli powder, Salt, Cumin seeds

Shelf Life:6 Months

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