Palli Patti

Rs. 145.00

Our palli patti is a nostalgic delight from grandma’s kitchen. This softer version of the beloved palli chikki is a traditional Telugu sweet that captures the indulgence of homemade goodness. Recreating the flavours prepared by our grandmothers with love, every bite of palli patti takes you on a journey down memory lane. Palli patti is crafted from the finest peanuts and sweetened with the rich essence of jaggery (bellam). With a shelf life of fifteen days, you can enjoy this sweet for an extended period. Get your pack of palli patti today, and experience the flavours of yesteryears!

Ingredients : Groudnuts,Jaggery.

Shelf Life : 15 Days

Pieces per Kg: 24 Approx

USA Shipping: YES