Ghee Badusha

Rs. 170.00

Badusha is undoubtedly the sweet for all seasons and ages! In fact, most people consider Badusha to be the sweet of the royals. Ergo, if you want to feel like a royal, we strongly suggest that you order a box of ghee Badusha from Vellanki Foods. Made with maida, sugar and lots of ghee, the makers of Badusha from Vellanki Foods have transformed the simple ingredients into something full of flavour! If you feel like indulging in a sweet which can make you swoon, and you haven’t already had that experience, then take a bite of our Badusha and we guarantee that you will be team Badusha for a very long time!

Ingredients: Maida, Sugar, Ghee.

Shelf Life7 Days

Pieces (1 Kg)28 Approx

USA/Canada Shipping Yes