Kura Karam (Curry Powder)

Rs. 165.00

Kura Karam from Vellanki Foods is coarse, yet fine enough to go exceptionally well with any dish you are making. Anything you cook -- even the bitter gourd your kids hate -- instantly becomes a delicacy when you add a little bit of the Kura Karam from Vellanki Foods. The chilli powder used in our Kura Karam is made from the finest of chillies, sourced from Guntur. Adding to this all our favourite flavouring ingredients like coriander seeds, cumin seeds and garlic, this karam guarantees that your cooking game will be off the charts!

Ingredients: Red chilli powder, Corinader seeds, Cumin seeds, Turmeric, Salt, Fenugreek powder, Garlic, Castor oil, salt

Shelf life:3 Months

USA Shipping:Yes

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Gopaiah Madu

Kura Karam (Curry Powder)


Worst packaging

Megha Settipalli

I have been using it for years now. That itself explains everything

Sivarami Reddy Vanga

Kura Karam (Curry Powder)

Soumya Vales
Love the food but don't like the shipping fee!

I've been a customer of Vellanki foods for years now. I regularly order Kura Karam and other sweets and snacks. Me and my family are super happy with the taste and quality. We enjoy the pickles very much! However, I end up paying a good amount for shipping. In this age when everyone is shipping for free for any order above 500 or 1000 rupees, I don't feel it's fair for Vellanki to charge shipping fees. Maybe you should reconsider the fee and apply it only for international orders and not domestic orders! Thank you!