A wedding brings two beautiful people together and is a great reason for friends and family to get together. What could be better than bonding over mouth-watering sweets?

It's all about the traditions and, a traditional Telugu wedding indulges in detail therapy. There are many things that go into making this special occasion memorable —  Paavukollu (wooden footwear), Pelli Teralu (painted, printed, an embroidered piece of cloth used as a partition between the bride and the groom), Tiragali (traditional milling stone), Rokallu and KundhuPelliPeetalu etc. These were particularly used in the good old days and our purpose is to keep in mind the traditions and blend them with the new trends. We offer you the exclusive option to hire these articles for rent, from us.

Not just these, from decorative trays to attractive baskets and fancy custom boxes to lovely gift articles, Vellanki Foods has a plethora of other such varieties that cater to your requirements. We pack sweets in these trays and baskets in attractive ways for occasions like weddings, engagement ceremonies,  lagna patrika, langa voni functions and many more.

This innovative initiative to provide everything for a wedding under one roof has been received well by our customers. . Please drop by at any of our stores to check out our collection.