Diwali’s True Delight - Sharing The Sweetness!

31 October 2018

Diwali is known as the festival of lights, but what glows brighter than the diyas, soars higher than the rockets and echoes louder than the patakas is the love that we share with family, friends and neighbours on this auspicious festival. Why? Probably, no, definitely because of the overdose of sweets!

Sweets have always held a prominent place in the hearts of Indians, so it is impossible for us to imagine a festival like Diwali go by without them. In fact, we would go so far to say that Diwali would truly be incomplete without that sugar rush! And because the belief that “bhaantne se pyaar badta hai” (love grows when you share) is at the crux of everything we know about celebrations during the festivities, we don’t eat the sweets we prepare or purchase ourselves on such days; instead, we share them!

At Vellanki Foods, we have curated a range of delicious gift boxes with an assortment of your favourite sweets. Don’t hold back on the love you share. Gift a box of sweets and strengthen the sweet bond you share with your loved ones… your family, friends and neighbours! After all, it is the sparkle in their eyes that will warm your heart better than the brightest of fireworks!

Come together with traditional sweets that bring back memories of your childhood. Happy Diwali!