Please check our blog regularly as we update you with simple yet delicious recipes that can be tried at home. We also have recipes of conventional sweets like sunnundalu, ariselu, bobbatlu, and more. Interesting facts like nutritional content, health advantages and product origination of the sweets made at Vellanki Foods will also be a section that you can look forward to.

Diwali’s True Delight - Sharing the Sweetness!

31 October 2018

Diwali is known as the festival of lights, but what glows brighter than the diyas, soars higher than the rockets and echoes louder than the patakas is the love that we share with family, friends and neighbours on this auspicious festival. Why? Probably, no, definitely because of the overdose of sweets! ..more

3 Unique Vellanki Foods' Mixtures

13 April 2018

They say that Variety is the Spice of Life. When it comes to mixtures, of course, this saying is certainly brought to life! Our unique mixtures are full of flavour, and bring your tastebuds alive. But did you know just how many of these delicious namkeens we have on offer? Try out one of these mixtures today - and tell us how you like them!..more

“Mazaa aaya!” says Harish from Visa2Explore

A review of our sweets and snacks 30 March 2018

Thanks a million! We’re delighted that you came over to our Ameerpet store and tried out our speciality dish, the traditionally prepared Dry Fruit Pootharekulu. The next time you drop by, do have a few more sweets and maybe some namkeens too. Remember to try the murukulu next time!..more