3 Unique Vellanki Foods' Mixtures

13 April 2018

They say that Variety is the Spice of Life. When it comes to mixtures, of course, this saying is certainly brought to life! Our unique mixtures are full of flavour, and bring your tastebuds alive. But did you know just how many of these delicious namkeens we have on offer? Try out one of these mixtures today - and tell us how you like them!

Dal Moti is studded with delicious crunchy pearls of chana dal. Made mainly of sev and dal, this savoury, spicy mixture is one of our bestselling namkeens.

A crunch of spice. A dash of sweetness. A rich burst of nuts. Our Dry Fruit Boondi is unique in the tastes it brings to your palate... and its rich flavour profile.

The Sanna Boondi Mixture is one of our all-time favourites. Made with small, spicy boondi, this mixture is a little tangy, a little spicy, and extremely tasty!

Drop by one of our stores today and grab a bag of one of these great mixtures. They go well with rice and pachadi, curd rice, mixed rice, or as a snack at any time. Serving suggestion: Serve your evening guests one of our mixtures with Kova Kajjikaya or Ariselu.